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DTF #1

DTF #1

We can’t quite recall where we first encountered it. Maybe it was in a song. Some artist we hadn’t heard before—something like a cross between Whitney Houston and Aphex Twin. It had art but it wasn’t pretentious. Maybe it was a little gay. It seems like just a second ago, yet when asked to describe how we felt, we couldn’t quite place it. Suddenly, it came into focus: we felt DTF. Friends (or maybe they were just friendly?) slapped us on the back and bought rounds of Manhattans. We moved to the dance floor, everyone seemed relaxed. What is DTF? We get this question so often. Perhaps it meant something once. Or maybe we’ll remember what it could mean on Wednesday . . .

Designed by Yuji Sakuma for DTF.
Printed by No Style Press on September 6, 2014.

Edition of 90 Risograph fliers printed on 20# bond 11x17" paper with orange and black inks. Three variations, 30 each.

Ships unframed. If you want to have your print framed, please add "Add Framing" to your card (with quantity to match the number of prints you want framed).